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Wild animals rarely get sick. Our pets, on the other hand, all the more often. Our chemical, toxic and stressful environment forms the basis for this. So why are we looking for the solution in that same environment? Let nature solve it!
Benefit from 4000 years of knowledge of herbs and formulas from all over the world. Health, the way it shold be! Organimal is fully committed to optimal health for our beloved pets. Realizing that pets cannot choose how they want to heal themselves and keep themselves healthy, Organimal aims to provide maximum support to pet owners to make the best choices for their pets. Looking at current mainstream medicine, which often focuses on symptoms, we focus primarily on the causes. From this viewpoint we offer additional alternatives, without the problems of short-term solutions and undesirable side effects.
In our opinion, the only good approach to optimal health is a "holistic" one, which means that we include all aspects of (mental) health. As we know, not only food, but also factors such as stress, exercise and air quality play a major role in animal health. Organimal has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Eastern and Western herbal medicine, combined with veterinary medicine. We offer natural, highly effective supplements, complemented with relevant knowledge to support optimal health. Our concentrated formulas are made on a natural basis, free from chemical additives, without unnecessary fillers and completely safe to use.

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