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We are a company that formed because of our celebration for the dog. Our artistry and creativity came together in a culture that pays tribute to the romantic notions of our pets and their breed's history. We embrace all that is dog; from their quirkiness, to their savagery and curiosity, from this we have created pieces of tangible art around their necks that commemorates all that spirit.

Oli Collars follows our passion of creating a unique brand that reveres our 4 legged friends in order to embrace all of their character, history and romanticism, as well as break the ice with like minded pet owners and interesting people.

"We get stopped all of the time," is just one comment we often hear when our customers take their dogs for a walk. Numerous conversations have been started out of the blue, and this made us think, we are more than just custom dog collars, we bring people together by engaging them in the common forum that is our beloved pets.

Formed in 2009, OLI COLLARS was founded by me, Luis Goncalves. I wanted to pay homage to my 4 legged friend that helped me through many tough times, nothing really celebrated my loyal companion's uniqueness but ordinary black spiked collars that didn't quite fit. My dog needed a custom dog collar, maybe even have it personalized. So having an artistic background, but never reaching my potential, I started to make a dog collar with some purchased supplies. The first one was pretty good, but the second was better, then my imagination was really going with the third. Hammering at my craft day and night, I knew that if I felt this way about dog collars surely there were other like minded dog owners. With countless hours honing my skills, I knew that if I could get my artistic sense to catch up to my imagination then I would be closing in on that artistic potential. I am proud to say that I'm producing these unique dog collars and accessories as my imagination dreams, and I want to share them with you.

We have been getting more and more creative and innovative as time goes on, and we are so excited at the possibilities of bringing great designed products to our customers and fans all over the world. As far as we are concerned there are no limitations; we break the mold and continue to progress in a fresh new way that brings history, culture, and romanticism into a greatly designed piece around our much appreciated pets.

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