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Fit-BARF GutFlora

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Fit-BARF GutFlora
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Fit-BARF GutFlora
Product Details:
Model Number:4122
Brand Name:cdVet
Size:100 ml
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Fit-BARF GutFlora Product Description

okokroduct information "Fit-BARF GutFlora"

Complementary feed for dogs and cats.


Fit-BARF GutFlora for dogs and cats supports the condition of the intestines, especially for nutritional disturbed intestinal flora and digestive problems. Fermented plant extract from wild and spice herbs according to a special cdVet recipe.


The intestine contains milliards of tiny microorganisms. A distinction is made between pathogenic bacteria (germs that make an animal sick) and beneficial intestinal flora containing healthy bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria. These good bacteria are hardworking helpers of the immune system and have a positive influence on digestive juices, enzymes and the intestinal lining. Pathogens are outright combatted and eliminated. Furthermore, intact intestinal microflora ensures proper digestion.


1. Elimination of pathogenic bacteria

 2. Stimulation of the immune system

 3. Improved digestion of food

 4. Maintenance of intestinal peristalsis


If the natural intestinal microflora is disturbed, it can lead to excessive colonisation by pathogens and the dog gets diarrhoea. In addition, antibiotic treatments may attack the protective function - often the medicine does not distinguish between the good and bad bacteria.


The intestinal flora is disturbed, its defence mechanism works only on a limited basis and the intestinal wall is affected as well.

Our dogs ancestor  the wolf  eats the digestive organs of its prey. They contain all the necessary microorganisms for a well-functioning intestinal microflora. The possibility to eat fresh stomach or tripe is not always given. And when frozen, this still will not compensate for the lack of valuable bacteria and enzymes, because these have been destroyed by freezing. This deficiency can be compensated quite well by using fermented herbs. Therefore, regular feeding with Fit-BARF GutFlora (intestinal flora) is recommended, also for cases of nutritionally disturbed intestinal microflora and digestive problems.

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